Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Last Updated May 1st, 2018

Alvarium Systems, Inc. is pleased to provide the following description of the Affiliate Program for our Network Ninjas CRM Platform. This program is design to enhance the marketing efforts surrounding the Network Ninjas application by engaging our user base as active participants in our viral marketing and outreach program. By providing a monetary incentive, or commission, tied to the breadth and depth of a user’s network the Affiliate Program seeks to reward participants for signing up new users.

Please note that this description applies to the Network Ninjas Affiliate Program in general. Specific instances of the Affiliate will be introduced by Alvarium Systems for particular plans, and at various stages in the products’ lifecycle and marketing program. Such instances will have varying parameters, benefits, and additional limitations at Alvarium Systems’ sole discretion.

Please see the Definitions section at the end of this policy for description of terms used throughout.

This program, and all particular instances of it, is subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of Alvarium Systems.

What is the Affiliate Program and how does it work?

The Affiliate Program provides an incentive for users of Network Ninjas to spread the word about this terrific sales, networking, and CRM platform. By providing a credit for each new user who signs up as a result of their efforts, the Affiliate Program allows Affiliates to earn a commission which is paid out at the end of a specific commission period.

The commission is based on the number of currently paying users in the Affiliate’s downstream network, subject to certain parameters and limitations. An Affiliate’s downstream network is the group of users who were encouraged to sign up use Network Ninjas by a particular Affiliate. Features of the Network Ninjas website ( allow new users to identify the Affiliate who encouraged them sign up and start benefiting from the Network Ninjas Platform. In this way, a new user becomes part of the Affiliates Downstream Network.

Each particular instance of the Affiliate Program has specific benefits, and is governed by certain parameters and limitations. For example, the “Founding Affiliates Program” was introduced in May 2018 in support of the initial launch of Network Ninjas’ Enhanced Plan. The Founding Affiliates Program pays $5(US) for each user in the Affiliate’s downstream network. This is the benefit (and a parameter). The number of users in the Affiliate’s downstream network is determined by counting all users directly signed up by the Affiliate (these “first generation” users are often called the given Affiliate’s “Direct Downstream”) and all of the users signed up by those users; and, in turn, the users signed up by those users – in a process which continues for 5 levels. In the Founding Affiliates Program, both the unlimited nature of the “width” of the downstream network and the 5-level limit on the “depth” of the network are parameters of that particular program.

The Founding Affiliate Program is also subject to certain limitations. In addition to all of the limitations which are applicable to all Affiliate Programs (detailed below) the Founding Affiliate Program also imposes certain requirements concerning unbroken enrollment and uninterrupted payment of monthly licensing fees for the Network Ninjas platform. Additional limitations for each Affiliate Program are promulgated along with the benefits and parameters when the program is announced.

Lastly, the Commission payment frequency and payment cycle are defined by the particular Program’s definition. In the case of the Founding Affiliate Program, the payment frequency is monthly and the payment cycle is from the first (1st) of each month to the last day of the month.

Commissions and Commission Payments

As discussed above, for each new user that signs up in an affiliate’s “downstream network” the Affiliate is credited with a commission. The per-user amount of the commission is determined in the parameters for that particular program. The total commission amount may or may not be limited by the parameters of the program. In the case of the Founding Affiliate Program, for example, the total monthly commission is not limited insofar as there is no limit on the number of users that an Affiliate may have in the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth levels of their Downstream Network.

The amount of this commission may vary by product plan, by promotion being offered, or by any limitation imposed by law or regulation.

Limitations and Conditions

In order to be eligible for the Affiliate Program a user must enroll on the Network Ninjas’ website ( In addition, the user must provide bank account information to our payment processing provider, Stripe, before their first payment.

In order to be eligible to receive their commission payment under the Affiliate Program a user must be current on their monthly licensing payment to Alvarium Systems. Users not current on their monthly licensing payments will not automatically forfeit that month’s commission, but have it held. Users have until the next payment cycle to remedy this situation. If timely remedied, both payments (the new commission and the held commission) will be paid on the following payment processing date.

In order to be included in the count of an Affiliate’s Downstream Network, a user must be:

  • Signed up for the Network Ninjas CRM Platform prior to the midpoint of the Affiliate Program’s Commission cycle (typically the 15th of a given month)
  • Current on all licensing fees, and have had their payment processed and cleared for at least 30 days prior to the Commission payment to which it contributed

Other Limitations

Notwithstanding all other limitations and program features, no user may accrue or receive more than 10% of the aggregate licensing fees collected from their downline as Affiliate Program Commissions.

Employees and affiliates of Alvarium Systems, Inc., are not eligible for commission payments. Employees of Alvarium Systems include all regular employees and all directors and officers of the corporation. Affiliates of Alvarium Systems include all spouses, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, domestic partners, and other immediate family of an employee. Certain vendors whose services bring them intimate knowledge of or influence over the operations of Alvarium Systems are also excluded.


Affiliate Program

The program in which Network Ninjas Affiliates are credited with commission-style payments for each new user who signs-up due to their efforts

Downstream Network

All of the users who signed up to use the Network Ninjas CRM Platform at the urging a a particular Affiliate. These users together constitute that Affiliate’s “Downstream Network.” This should not be confused with a user’s downline, which refers to a group or subgroup of users who work with a common MLM, Franchise, or other integrated marketing company, who use Network Ninja to grow their sales and marketing network.


A user of the Network Ninjas CRM Platform, whether enrolled in the Affiliate Program or not.


A user participating in the Affiliate Program


One of the feature-packages available for the Network Ninjas CRM Platform; Basic, Enhanced, Pro, and Enterprise are planned for 2018 through 2019 release; Enhanced will be introduced first in May of 2018. The number and type of business and integration feature available to the user varies by Plan

Founder's Affiliates Program

Introduced: May 1st, 2018

General Parameters

Applicable Product: Network Ninjas
Applicable Plan: Enhanced
Commission: $5 (US)

Payment Frequency: Monthly

Downstream Network

Width: Unlimited
Depth: 5 Levels

Additional Limitations (all standard limitations apply)

  • This program is limited to the first 5000 users paying for Network Ninjas’ Enhanced Plan
  • All users must sign up for the Affiliate Program
  • Only users in the Affiliate’s downstream network who are paying for the Enhanced, Professional, or Enterprise Plans will be counted toward, or contribute to, the commission payment for the Affiliate. Basic Plan users in the Affiliate’s Downstream Network do not.
  • To remain eligible users must remain enrolled in the Affiliate Program. Failure to remain enrolled in the Affiliate Program will void the users