4 Stupid-Easy Networking Hacks You’re Forgetting
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4 Stupid-Easy Networking Hacks You’re Forgetting

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Networking can build your business tremendously, but are you doing it right? Many businesses succeed when practicing good networking solutions. While many networking tips feel obvious, here are four you might be forgetting.

Get a Business Card

This goes both ways: carry your own (high-quality) business cards, and also don’t forget to ask potential connections for their business cards. Having a high-quality business card can make all the difference. Ordering better business cards might cost more per card, but they’ll also leave a better impression when you hand them to a potential client, a new partner, or anyone else. Remembering to ask for business cards can be a lifesaver, too. Having someone’s information all in one place when you need to contact them can be the difference between a successful transaction with them or a flop.

Use a CRM Tool

Keeping everything organized is important for success. While we can’t all be organized all the time, the difference between successful and unsuccessful people typical comes down to the tools. Successful business minds learn and invest in the best tools possible for their business. This helps them grow, expand and achieve what they want to do. A customer relationship management tool, or CRM tool, can help a business stay organized. Whether it’s a startup with one person or a company with dozens of people in multiple departments, using a CRM tool can help everyone stay organized and up to date on projects and prospects.

Say Hello in the Elevator

It’s called an “elevator pitch” for a reason. Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of trying to be successful, it can be easy to overlook small encounters. Representing yourself well in all settings can contribute to success. Take time to say hello to people, smile, and make small talk as you move through your day.

Call People Back

In an age where phones can do hundreds of things, it’s easy to forget that their first function – as a telephone. If you miss a call and get a voicemail, don’t put off listening to it and calling the person back. It may change your business or your life if you miss an important call or forget to return someone’s message.

Staying organized in this busy world can be overwhelming, but a good CRM tool will help. The Network Ninjas have built a tool to help businesses of all sizes succeed. Reach out today to take a tour of the product that will change your business for the better.