Give up the Ghost: How to Avoid Ghosting & Getting Ghosted
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Give up the Ghost: How to Avoid Ghosting & Getting Ghosted

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Communication is an essential part of networking. If you communicate efficiently and openly, you’ll create contacts that can help grow your business. If you find yourself constantly getting ghosted, with ignored or dropped conversations, here are some tips to help you. These tips will help create more meaningful dialogue with your clients and contacts.

Don’t Send Copy/Paste Letters

Personalizing your communication as much as possible is one way to keep clients and contacts interested in your communications. Whether they’re pitches, reminders, or general check-ins make sure you’re personalizing your communication. It will help your clients feel appreciated and unique. If they feel like they have your full attention, people are more likely to interact with you.

Network in Multiple Settings

You don’t want to be the person that acts one way on social media but treats people differently in real life. Living your most authentic self can help people connect with you and with your brand. Consistency across your networking settings shows people that the persona you present is the real you.

Open up

Don’t be afraid to be clear and honest with clients or potential clients. People value honesty and transparency whether they’re talking to someone they’ve known forever or someone they’ve just met. People aren’t interested in continuing communication with someone they believe isn’t being honest.

Play Matchmaker

Sometimes connecting two friends, colleagues, or clients can help grow your brand with just the introduction. Connecting two parties who then have a successful relationship gives you more to connect on with each individual party. These types of connections also help your networking credentials.

Use a CRM Tool

Sometimes you end up ghosting someone without even realizing it. Networking can get complicated when you have to keep track of many different communications. A CRM tool can help you keep all the details and notes you need organized to ensure success. Pick a tool that works for your lifestyle, client type, and industry in order to maximize your tool’s potential to help you.

Attend the Mixers

Spending time with other professionals, potential clients, and other community members in an organized setting helps build connections. Many people believe nothing is more valuable than face to face interaction when it comes to business and client relationships. So make sure that you’re getting to see clients and customers as regularly as possible to talk to them, gain valuable feedback, and grow your business.

Know When to Exit

Not every connection is meant to be. If you’re sending messages and getting no response, it might be time to pack up and move on. However, always remember to thank the person for their time before exiting a conversation.

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