How Marketing Tools Can Increase Sales

How Marketing Tools Can Increase Sales

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The effective and consistent use of the correct marketing tools can directly increase sales and ultimately your bottom line. Identifying which marketing tools will reach your target audience and have the most impact is an essential first step. However, you must apply the marketing tools adequately and consistently to successfully convert your leads into sales.

Which Marketing Tools are Right for Me?

Identifying the right marketing tools for your business will help reach your target audience when they need you the most. For example, you wouldn’t use a hammer to cut fabric, and you wouldn’t use a phone book to advertise your business. In today’s digital economy, some of the best marketing tools manage your existing database.

Contact management apps merge your contacts’ information into one comprehensive location. This provides you with an updated advantage over old spreadsheet tracking. Keeping track of your hotlist and consistently targeting them will ensure that your message is received loud and clear.

Effective & Consistent Use of Marketing Tools

If you have the correct marketing tool but don’t use it effectively and consistently, then it is basically useless. Marketing is about fostering relationships and staying top of mind. For example, you convert a large percentage of sales after the fifth contact. Therefore, consistently targeting your contacts will lead to conversions and an increase in sales.

For example, in December a real estate agent may have a lead considering selling their home in the Spring. The agent sends a market analysis to their lead with a complete bio and information on how to prepare the house. If the agent never reaches out again, then by the time their lead is ready to sale that analysis is outdated and they have found a new agent.

Engagement of Your Audience Can Increase Sales

Finally, you have the attention of your target audience. The most important marketing tool in your arsenal is the conversion tool and now is the time to use it. Your marketing tools should focus on sending engaging content consistently.

Back to our agent. This time our real estate agent sends the market analysis in December, a Happy New Year note in January, a phone call to touch base in February, a Spring cleaning postcard in March, and an updated market analysis in April. This successful agent is consistently engaging their audience and ensuring they stay top of mind.

Remember to identify the right marketing tools for you and consistently and effectively keep them in your arsenal. Reminding your database of your professionalism and commitment will ensure you stay top of mind. Once you have converted your leads to clients for life, you can be sure an increase in sales will naturally follow.