The 3 Types of People You Should Connect With Immediately
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The 3 Types of People You Should Connect With Immediately

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Networking is putting yourself out there and meeting people. There are a ton of contacts out there waiting to hear about your business and help you along on your way. Here are three types of people you should connect with immediately.

Fans and Loyal Users

Everything is a commodity, and every successful commodity needs fans. Loyal users can make or break your business. Even if that business is a cake blog or a niche product, you still need to connect with people who are going to love your product and use it. More importantly, you have to connect with the types of fans that will use and promote your business. Word of mouth is an important, and free, source of marketing. Take advantage of it by connecting with fans regularly.


Whether paid or volunteered, promoting is crucial to your business. Make sure you have a promoter in your network. Call upon this person to help get the word out about new product launches and new offerings from your business. Whether this person is helping you promote your brand through social media and content or is acting in more of an advisory role to your team, a promoter is key to have on your side.


Connecting with mentors in every step of your business development is so important for success. Mentors will help you stay on track and remember your bottom line. When times are hard and when your team is celebrating success, a mentor will coach you through all of it. Mentors for yourself are important, but mentors for your team are just as vital. When you meet contacts at events and during chance interactions, take note if you think they’d be a good mentor to someone on your staff. Your team succeeds together or fails together, and mentors can act as the catalyst for success.

Once you’ve connected with the people you need, it’s important to keep them organized. When you have dozens of networking contacts you’re juggling, along with your social life and personal wellness, things can get a little jumbled. Organize these contacts with a top-notch Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Contact Ninja have just the right software for you, no matter what the size of your business is. From a single-person startup to a corporate staff of hundreds, Network Ninjas have tools that will keep your contacts and communication as organized as possible. Contact us today to see what specific networking tools we can offer you on your road to success.