The Benefits of Using Digital Marketing Tools
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The Benefits of Using Digital Marketing Tools

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The marketing world has changed drastically in recent years since the rise of the internet and social media. Not long ago, marketing tools included only things like magazine ads, billboards, and radio spots. While these avenues still serve a purpose, they should supplement larger digital marketing strategies. Here are some of the most effective and popular digital marketing tools.

Newsletter Services

Email newsletters work well to keep customers connected and updated with a business’ products, services, and news. There are many websites that can help e-newsletters easy to send and track. Store your customers’ email addresses, set up newsletters on easy-to-use templates, and track your customers’ click rates after sending the emails. In many cases, the analytics these websites report to you can be helpful in targeting specific groups or subjects in future posts.

Social Media

The popularity of social media has made this an absolute must for any business’ success today. The more platforms you choose, the wider your exposure will be. You can easily plan your social media posts in advance so you aren’t consumed by it all the time. Some social media forms allow you to boost a post’s exposure for a nominal fee. 

Search Engine Optimization

Often referred to as SEO, this is a common buzzword in online marketing. SEO helps your website and posts rank higher in search engine results. Many online platforms are constantly changing those formulas, but a good marketing plan will include some tried and true ways to maximize where the search engine places you on the results page.


It’s imperative to change content on a regular basis. Blogs are an easy, informational way to keep your content fresh. People are more likely to read a blog or article than to pay attention to an ad. Additionally, you are providing readers with knowledge and information that may persuade them to purchase your product or service.


Podcasts are an increasingly popular way to add content to your ever-changing social media or online presence. Postcasts give you a platform to speak as an expert in your field. In many cases, podcasts can help your listeners understand the importance of your industry, product, or service. 

These digital marketing tools are beneficial in that they include immediate contact with potential clients, constant conversation with a wide variety of people, and simple construction. When using and choosing the tools that are best for your business, it is important to build a plan that strategically maps out the tasks used and frequency of use.