The all-in-one
Contact Manager

For the longest time, Network Marketers and solopreneurs had scattered lists across their phone, email, social media, excel spreadsheets, and even the old piece of paper. Because list building is so important, we decided to simplify it. Your phone, email, Facebook friends, and LinkedIn connections. All in one master list.

All in one Communication Software

You probably know a lot of people, but do you have
a list of everyone in one place?

Build your master contact list

We remember the ancient times of building your list on an excel speadsheet. It’s time for list building to enter the modern era.

Merge duplicate contacts

You’ll most likely have duplicate contacts when our systems consolidate them. A lot of CRM-type systems still don’t address this problem! Go through an easy process to merge your contacts with Contact Ninja, and you’ll be out crushing it in no time.

Merge duplicate contacts to refine your contact list

Use advanced tagging
to create contact groups

Tag your entire list to create groups. Leverage those groups by sending targeted messages and emails.

Never miss a beat with threads

Consolidate all conversations, for each contact, into one timeline “thread.” You’ll be able to track the entire lifecycle of your conversations across phone, email, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Having this “thread” in one place can help you remember everything and keep the conversation rolling smoothly. You won’t have to search though 10 different email exchanges from 3 weeks ago when it’s all in one space in your Contact Ninja dashboard. Smarter communication for a networking ninja!

Start building your master list with a
60 day free trial.