Simplify and orangaize your marketing outreach with projects. No more
asking, “Who should I contact today?” With an easy to use funnel, your
prospecting gets easier and more efficient.

Achieve your goals faster

Projects help you define a goal and work
towards achieving it. By choosing a specific group
of contacts for each project, you’re know you’re
focused on the right people.

Simplify your outreach and communication

When you set up a project, you’ll receive new people from your contact list to reach out to each day. Contacts “Waiting to hear from you.” As your conversations continue, we log each interaction into a thread, so you can see your communication history with every prospect.

Stay focused & organize
your networking outreach

The project funnel tabs help place prospects into a Yes/No bucket with the option to follow up at a later date. Having this data in one place helps you keep track of who’s joined your business, who’s declined, who you’re contacting today, and following up with next.

More to love about Projects


Setup to get new customers, new clients, or recruit new associates and team members.

Holds you accountable

By establishing a time frame to complete your goal, projects help you stay on track.

Fast text blitzing

Send a text blitz to an entire project, allowing you to get important messages out quickly.

Create your first project with a
60 day free trial.