Segment your list
with Tags

With the Contact Ninja advanced tagging system, it becomes simple to create groups within your massive contact list. Groups that you can send specific messages, offers, promotions, or just friendly greetings.

Take control of your outreach with segmentation

Create Tag - Mobile iPhone

Create your custom tag

A tag can be anything you want it to be. Could be an attribute like “people under 30” or “basketball fans.” Any way you’d like to create groups is possible with tagging. Contact Ninja also leverages Facebook’s list of interests to help you choose if you’re stuck.

Add your contacts

Once you choose your tag name, you can then scroll through your new compiled list of contacts and check off the right ones to add your tag to. This creates your new Tag group that you can leverage later on.

Add your Contacts when Creating a Tag

Create efficiency in your messaging

The purpose of tags is for targeted messaging. We know that different aspects of your business may appeal to different groups. Why not send each group the right message at the right time? Stop wasting the same cookie cutter promotions on everyone. Segmentation of your contact list will create more efficiency in your business.

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