When you invite your organization to use Contact Ninja, you gain insights into their progress, projects, goals, and accomplishments. By getting an inside look into their projects, mentoring becomes simplified and tools of the trade can be shared.

Take mentoring and team building to the next level

Available with the Pro plan

Insights into your team's progress in one place

The Contact Ninja Team feature is designed for leaders to help their organization achieve their goals. With just enough of a glimpse into their progress, you can see who on your company is performing best. Maybe you'll even give a little push to those who are struggling?

Become a Leader with a better
set of tools

Stay on the same page as your mentees with Contact Ninja Team. Imagine a hungry, new associate setting the goal of "Getting 10 new customers" and a leader like you walking them through step by step, seeing their progress along the way. Mentoring is simplified with Contact Ninja.

Start helping your team today.