Text Blitzing

Do you have different sets of contacts who you group message about different topics? Maybe you want to send a quick event invite to 20 team leaders or clients? It's time to try Contact Ninja text blitzing.

Text Blitzing to Grow your Network

Quickly send targeted texts and emails
to large or small groups

Text Blitz Communication - iPhone

A new type of mass-messaging app

Tired of sending countless individual texts to promote
your business? Look no further than the text blitz. Send mass messages to any group of contacts, without the need for group messaging apps.

Blitz using Tags and Projects

When you create a group with a tag, you can quickly send messages to everyone with this tag, over and over again.

You can even send a message or promotion to everyone in a project.

Create Messages from your laptop or desktop

Not only can you create & send blitzes from your phone, you can even send them on you laptop or desktop, which may be easier for typing out long and detailed messages.

Build a consistent habit

Frequent communication with your personal network is an underrated concept for single business owners, freelancers, and solopreneurs. Contact Ninja text blitzing makes this easy.

Save more time with scheduling

Normally you can’t schedule emails or text messages to
send at a later date. With Contact Ninja text
blitzing, now you can! Imagine writing a detailed message once on a Wednesday, scheduling it for Saturday morning, then sleeping an extra hour on Saturday as 100 messages go out, fully automated, to a targeted group of people. Should it be any other way?

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