The Importance of Sales Follow-Up
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The Importance of Sales Follow-Up

Businesses get hundreds of calls and emails a day.  You may think since you didn’t hear back from the decision maker that the company is not interested. However, the company and/or the decision maker may be really busy.  If you want to get through to the decision maker and make the sale, then you have to follow-up. If you are in sales, here are a few reasons why you should do a sales follow-up.

Sales Follow-Ups Build Trust

A big part of your job as a salesperson is to ensure the customer they are making the right purchase.  The reinforcement should not start after the purchase but from the first time you make contact. When you make the first contact you should walk the customer through the reasons why buying the product is worth it, this step starts to build the customer’s trust.  After the first contact, you should continue you to follow-up with encouragement about the purchase. Continuous sales follow-up even after the purchase builds trust and encourages the customer to make purchases from your company in the future.

Sales Follow-Ups Addresses Problems Early

Many customers have issues that get overlooked during the initial meeting. A sales follow-up allows you to talk to the customer and answer any questions or concerns they may have. If concerns are not brought up early in the sales process, then this could lead to returns or cancellations later on. Besides avoiding cancellations, addressing problems early with a follow-up shows the customer your company has excellent customer service.

Sales Follow-Ups Increase Sales

The process of a sale takes time. Many salespeople make contact one time and then stop.  To close a sale, you must follow up at least 5 times. If you are only calling one time, then you are losing out on more sales.  When you follow-up with a customer after the initial call or meeting you are getting ahead of the competitors. Getting ahead of the competitors leads to more sales due to you making more of an effort.

A Sales Follow-Up Adds Value

A sales follow-up should not end after you close a sale.  When you follow-up after the close of a sale, you are adding value.  Post-sale follow-ups allow you to show the customer you are interested in building a long-term relationship.  If the customer knows you are not just interested in the short sale, they are more willing to buy from you again.

Keeping Track of Sales Follow-Ups

Sales follow-ups should be your strongest marketing tool. In order to be successful at sales follow-ups, you have to have a way of keeping track of your follow-up.  While writing them down in an agenda or on a piece of paper may work, it is not best. The best way to track follow-ups is to have a software that keeps track.  The solution you are looking for is Contact Ninja CRM Software. Contact Ninja CRM is perfect for keeping track of all your customers and follow-ups. Contact Contact Ninja to have your CRM System installed and start increasing sales today.